berlin was fun

Timestamp: 1403723187

me trying to be cool

Timestamp: 1402773169
Timestamp: 1402253036

Chilin killin

Timestamp: 1402222833

Can i go back please?

Timestamp: 1401392345

Epic weekend

Timestamp: 1400778840

my sister and i got matching tattoos
she is the most important person to me. she is my best friend, sometimes my mother, my role model and i really love her, so this tattoo means a lot to me.

we got a disney quote because, my first movie i saw at the cinema was a disney movie and i saw it with her. and since then we’re watching every one together. it’s our thing

Timestamp: 1399821684

Hey, i’m the one with the flowers in her hair

Timestamp: 1398538807
Timestamp: 1394995231

me and my beer, friends forever

Timestamp: 1393781005

i really like my outfit okay

Timestamp: 1393098720

i like when my hair is like that

Timestamp: 1392583440

red is kinda my colour

Timestamp: 1392065213

great day with great people

Timestamp: 1391882354

Flower power

Timestamp: 1391632327