Timestamp: 1394995231

me and my beer, friends forever

Timestamp: 1393781005

i really like my outfit okay

Timestamp: 1393098720

i like when my hair is like that

Timestamp: 1392583440

red is kinda my colour

Timestamp: 1392065213

great day with great people

Timestamp: 1391882354

Flower power

Timestamp: 1391632327

Say that to my two faces, bitch

Timestamp: 1391534541

No we’re not drunk

Timestamp: 1391286178

People who make you laugh are dangerous. when they leave your laugh also does.
How perfect would it be if when poeple, who let you feel something, left you, your feelings would also.
But instead people who mean something to you leave you and with them the meaning of friendship and love.

Sweatpants and sportbras are all I need at home

Timestamp: 1390844005

Well before and after going out.

Timestamp: 1390768200


Timestamp: 1390157568

So fucking tired

Timestamp: 1389722278

So ready for party

Timestamp: 1389474399